Things To Cover With A Section 184 Loan Lender

Thanks to section 184 home loans, Native Americans don't have to worry about not being able to gain access to money when trying to finance a loan. If you plan on working with a section 184 home loan lender to secure this type of financing, make sure you go over these things with them.

The Total Amount That Can Be Borrowed 

A huge aspect of finding a home with a section 184 home loan is determining how much you can get in one of these loans. Knowing the maximum amount gives you a high bar to consider when assessing different price points in homes.

You can find out exactly how much you're able to borrow using a section 184 home loan when you spend with a lender. They'll know right away as long as you give them useful information like tribe details and financial goals. 

Down Payment Figure

Having access to a section 184 home loan means you are going to qualify for a lower down payment. You still want to save to make this financing process much easier to complete. You need to speak with your section 184 home lender about how much to put down.

They will give you the minimum amount, but they will suggest an ideal down payment figure too. You just need to give them details on how you want your loan structured, including monthly payments and the total amount that you want to be responsible for paying back.


Any type of home loan is going to have fees associated with it, but they tend to be pretty unique with section 184 home loans. That is an aspect you want to focus on so that you don't miscalculate the true costs of this home loan and then run into trouble.

Fortunately, section 184 home lenders will have a lot of information on the fees that you're going to pay when trying to secure this type of financing. They'll cover things like closing and interest costs. Additionally, the section 184 home loan program monitors what lenders charge you, which should give you comfort heading into this loan process.

Section 184 home loans may be unique, but they still don't have to be difficult to get approved for. You will want to work with a section 184 home lender carefully and review certain things so that the application and subsequent loan process don't give you stress.