Rules You Could Break While Out On Bail That Will Land You Back In Jail

When you use a bail bonds service to get a loan to get out of jail, you will not only be borrowing money for this purpose, but you will also be agreeing to a whole list of rules and requirements. Breaking any of these rules can result in you returning to jail, which is why it is so important to know what these rules are and how to follow them. Here are four different types of rules you could break that could cause problems for your future.

Drinking or drug use

If you are out on bail, you will likely have to follow the rule of no drinking or drug use. While drinking is not against the law, you still are not generally allowed to drink while you are out on bail. Using any type of drug while out on bail could land you back in jail because using drugs is against the rules of bail and because it is against the law.

Committing a crime

When out on bail, it is also vital to do everything you can to avoid committing any further crimes at this time, and this even involves minor crimes such as speeding. You should aim to follow all the rules and laws of your state and country when out on bail, as breaking any law could create more problems for your situation.  

Failing to show up to court

Not appearing on a date when you have a court hearing is probably one of the most common offenses people on bail commit. When you pay bail, you are only being released from jail because you are agreeing to show up to court. When you do not show up, you will end up in jail again because the court will issue a warrant, and when there is a warrant, the police will eventually locate you.

Failing to show up to your probation meetings

If probation is part of your release agreement, you can get in a lot of trouble by failing to show up to your scheduled probation meetings. If you have a meeting with your probation officer, go to it.

If you follow all the rules in place after getting bailed out, you can experience fewer consequences and legal problems. If you are currently trying to get out of jail and cannot find a way out on your own, contact a bail bondsman for help today.