4 Common Checking Account Features You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

If you just opened up a checking account, make sure you are taking advantage of all the benefits your checking account has to offer. Checking accounts offer lots of features that are easy to overlook, but can be really beneficial.

#1 Sign Up for Online Banking

Sign up for access to your bank account online. Most banks offer both computer-based internet access as well as mobile apps that allow you to check on your banking information on the go.

Mobile apps can change the way you interact with your bank. With a mobile app, you can check your account balance whenever you want; you don't have to wait to go down to the bank to see how much money is in your account or to see what transactions have posted.

Additionally, many banking apps also allow you to track your spending. This can help you see where you are spending your money and can help you better budget your money as well.

#2 Sign Up for Direct Deposit

Make sure you get your check as quickly as possible by signing up for direct deposit. When you sign up for direct deposit, your workplace may ask for a canceled check or a statement from your bank that has both your account number and your tracking number. This is the fastest way to get your paycheck into your bank account.

#3 Get a Debit Card

Next, make sure that you get a debit card from your bank, and start using it for your purchases. A debit card provides you with additional protection that you don't get when you pay for items with checks or cash. Many businesses no longer accept checks, but most businesses now accept debit cards, especially if they are backed up with a logo from a major credit provider, such as Visa or MasterCard. With a debit card, you can also take out cash at the ATM.

Additionally, debit cards offer you a degree of fraud protection if your debit card is stolen.

#4 Transfer Money Between Accounts

If you have a checking and savings account at the same bank, you can link your checking and savings account together. When your checking and savings accounts are linked together, you will be able to easily send money between your two accounts. You may be able to transfer money simply using your mobile banking app, making it easier to move money into your savings or access your savings when you encounter an emergency.

If you have a checking account, make sure that you are getting your paycheck deposited directly into your account. Get a debit card to make purchases easier. Sign up for mobile banking, and enjoy easier access to your account information.