How Does A Bondsman Enforce Bail?

If you're going to be using a bail bond to get out of jail before your court date, you may be wondering how a bondsman goes about the process of bail enforcement. Here is what you need to know about how a bondsman actually enforces the terms of your bail.

Bondsmen Approve The Bail Bond

A bail bond is not exactly something that you can apply for and receive automatically. A bondsman is responsible for doing a background check on you and determining what type of risk you will be to them. If you seem like the type of person that will likely violate the bail terms and wind up back in jail, it is possible that you will be denied a bail bond. While the nature of being in jail may not mean that you have a squeaky clean criminal record, considerations are made when deciding who will and will not receive a bail bond.

Bondsmen Can Collect Collateral

The reason for using a bail bond is because you do not have the cash to pay the bond yourself. If you are unable to get the cash from a friend, they will need to use collateral to receive the bail bond. If the item is small, such as an expensive piece of jewelry, the bondsman can hold onto this item until the bond money is returned to them after your court date. If the item is larger, such as a car or home, then the title or deed is given at the time to be used as collateral. This gives the bondsman the right to go after those large items and sell them to get their money back if you jump bail. While it may not be your personal property on the line, knowing you will be costing somebody else their collateral is enough to make most people return to court.

Bondsman Can Hire A Bounty Hunter

Once you have jumped bail and not appeared in court as scheduled, a bounty hunter may be hired to track you down and force you to go back to jail. These people are paid a portion of your bail amount in return for their services, and bondsman will pay the expense in order to get the majority of their bail back. Bounty hunters only get paid if they find you and return you to jail, so there will be motivation to get the job done.