Share These Tips On Dealing With Jail To The Loved One You’re Helping With A Bond

It's a nightmare to receive a phone call from someone you care about and learn that he or she has been arrested, especially if it's the person's first brush with the law and you can hear the fear in his or her voice. While you can quickly call a local bail bonds company to begin the process of getting your loved one free on bail, the reality is that the person will often need to spend a few hours behind bars. During your short phone conversation, it's helpful to offer some tips on helping the person get through the challenging time until being released. Here are some ideas to pass along.

Don't Talk With Other Inmates

It's likely that your loved one will be among several people in the jail's holding area, and it's wise to avoid conversing with those who are also being held. Tell the person to keep his or her eyes down and avoid acknowledging others. People who are more experienced with the criminal justice system may attempt to provoke the "newbie" into an argument or even a fight, both of which could lead to further legal issues. The best strategy is to sit quietly and wait for the time to pass until the bail bonds agent you hire shows up.

Avoid Conflicts With Staff

Make sure that you stress the importance to your loved one of keeping in the staff's good books. People who have been arrested should strive to be polite and answer any questions they're asked quickly and concisely. It's also important to avoid making requests, such as asking to be moved to a different holding area because of the actions of another person, or frequently asking for certain privileges. If the person gets on the wrong side of the jail's staff, they could possibly slow down his or her release by handling other paperwork first.

Remember That Help Is On The Way

The person who has been arrested may begin to feel hopeless as he or she waits in jail for the bail bonds agent to show up. When someone feels hopeless, it's easy to act out — perhaps mouthing off to staff or other arrested individuals. It's important to stress to the person that help is on the way. As the person waits, you're working quickly with a bail bonds company to complete the necessary paperwork for the person's release. Make sure that he or she knows to wait patiently, because help will be arriving soon.